Couple conceives after 7 years by avoiding this one thing

It's not what you'd think!

A couple who tried for a baby for seven years were finally able to conceive after experts told them to give up exercise and wearing perfume.

Nicola Szymanowski, 38, and husband Mark, 39, from Manchester in the UK, spent more than $35,000 on IVF during an ‘utterly physically and emotionally exhausting’ ordeal trying to get pregnant. 

Nicola suffered from four unsuccessful IVF courses, and two miscarriages.

It was only after the doctor advised the couple to make dramatic changes to their lifestyles – including telling Mark to give up his morning boxing sessions and Nicola to avoid perfume – that they were blessed with a son. 

Nicola said, ‘The doctor said Mark doing strenuous exercise would lead to his body releasing endorphins to repair the muscles, which could affect our chances.

And she also said chemicals from perfume or make-up would get into my bloodstream, so I stopped using perfume.’

They welcomed Charles Henry John in May this year.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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