Constance Hall reveals the gender of her unborn baby

The mummy blogger also shares a candid confession.
Instagram/Constance Hall

Popular Australian mummy blogger Constance Hall has shared a confession with her 1.2 million Facebook followers, after revealing the gender of her unborn baby.

‘A couple of weeks ago I’d like to say my crown slipped. But it fell off, landed on my foot and was drop kicked landing in a pile of s**t,’ Constance wrote on Monday.

‘You see I was a bitch.’

Constance Hall and husband
Constance Hall (pictured with partner Denim) shared a candid admission with her social media fans (Credit: Instagram/Constance Hall)

Constance – who is currently pregnant with her fifth child – went on to say an incident had occurred when she went to drop the kids off at school recently.

‘I went to school drop off, took my kids in, got back in the car and bitched about a mum I hadn’t even spoken to,’ the mummy blogger – who is in a relationship with father-of-two Denim Cooke – wrote.

She went on to say she had spoken badly about the woman’s fashion sense to her partner.

Instagram/Constance Hall
The popular mummy blogger, who is pregnant with her fifth child, has also revealed the gender of her unborn baby (Credit: Instagram/Constance Hall)

‘I told Denim, “what does she think this is? A fashion parade? It’s freezing??? Does she call her mates and find out what they’re wearing to school run? PFFFFFT”.’

She said that Denim didn’t comment but when Constance returned home she struggled to find anything to wear.

‘We came home and I tried to get dressed for the day. Throwing my clothes all over the room, kicking them, getting zips stuck in my loose skin, yelling that nothing fits me and I need a new wardrobe for my b****y belly,’ she admitted.

Constance described an incident that happened when she took the kids to school
Constance described an incident that happened when she took the kids to school (Credit: Instagram/Constance Hall)

At this point Denim put his arm around her and told her she just needed some new clothes.

‘And I broke down,’ Constance admitted – revealing she was ‘jealous’ of the mum at school and that’s why she ‘bagged her out’.

‘She’s got the best skin and she so fit and f*** knows where she shops and her hair never looks like Bon Jovi’s. She looks amazing,’ she wrote.

She then went on to say Denim hadn’t even noticed the woman in question.

‘They say that Jealousy is a curse, but I realised it’s not,’ Constance concluded her post.

constance hall
She admitted to being jealous of a fellow mum and struggled with it (Credit: Instagram/Constance Hall)

‘You can feel jealous, that’s healthy and it’s natural. You just need to decide how your gonna act on it, you can either put someone down to try and pump yourself up, or you can admit that your jealous, tell her she looks amazing and figure out what it is that’s stopping you from feeling like The Queen that you are.

‘I found my crown, washed off the dog sh**, popped it back on a rocked my new dress.’

It’s been a whirlwind week for Constance – as she also shared the gender of her unborn baby with her social media fans.

‘Denzy wanted a girl, he hasn’t ever had one, I don’t care, I’ve had 2 of each and they are all perfect in the end,’ she wrote.

‘When I found out the sex of our bub the other day with a blood test I knew it was all for a reason.

‘Snowy is my baby girl, she is the shy one, the quiet one, the well mannered one, she’s conservative and polite and as a result can get trodden on by this loud chaotic family.

‘Snow is a twin and the youngest of 6. Some days she just needs to be my baby girl, to know that we all have her gentle back in this crazy world.

‘If Denzy got his daughter and he and his boys instantly became besotted with her my heart would break a bit for my quiet Snow.

‘That’s why it’s my pleasure to announce that Snow will always be the youngest little girl of the family.

‘Denim and I are having a baby boy. And he wasn’t disappointed at all, another little glorious boy is coming and being born into a world with 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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