Perth mummy blogger Constance Hall reveals heartache

‘I miss you'
Facebook/Constance Hall

Perth mummy-blogger Constance Hall has opened up about her ‘broken heart’ after a shock phone call.

Sharing what she called an ‘epic rant’ on her popular Facebook page Constance revealed the reason she felt so upset.

contanse hall
(Credit: Facebook/Constance Hall)

Constance – who recently welcomed her fifth child, Raja – said she had been preparing to fly to Sydney for an interview which would involve her spending two nights away from her family, when she received a phone call.

‘On Tuesday the day before I left on my way to the cardiologist to check Raja’s heart murmur (it’s fine by the way) Arlo’s teacher called me, I needed to speak to her… he’s not acting himself since the baby was born,’ Constance revealed in a lengthy post.

‘Torn between a heart doctor and my own broken heart for Arlo I knew I wouldn’t get time to talk to her after that day and I wanted to clock eyes on Arlo after receiving that dreaded phone call. So I tuned my car around and went to see her. 

‘She was lovely but told me that Arlo used to be the most independent and happy engaging kid ever and now in the last 3 weeks since Raja was born he’s been withdrawn and unhappy.

constance hall
(Credit: Facebook/Constance Hall)

‘She asked him what was up and he said “I miss my mum”. Sitting in that room jiggling Raja up and down so he didn’t cry I burst into tears.

‘Coz I f****** missed Arlo too. I grabbed him, kissed him, feeling so sh*t I promised him I’d do parent class volunteering (that he’s been asking me to do all year) when I’m back from Sydney and let him choose dinner that night.

‘The lovely teacher handed me tissues and told me I was welcome to come in whenever I wanted,’ Constance wrote.

constance hall
(Credit: Emma Levett)

Aside from her recent heartache, Constance told New Idea that three-week-old Raja is ‘a dream’. 

‘The twins, Rumi and Snow, are three and a half and they’re obsessed with him. They keep bringing friends in to meet him,’ she revealed, adding that her husband, Denim Cooke, was volunteering to do most of the nappy changes.

‘He keeps pushing me away,’ Constance, 34, joked. ‘I can see there’s going to be a power problem there with whose going to do the main parenting!’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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