Constance Hall lashes out at her new husband in furious rant

'I carry the mental load of our baby.'

Constance Hall has unleashed in a furious tirade against husband Denim Cooke, claiming she is the main caretaker of their newborn son Raja.

The mother-of-five, 34, gave birth in May via C-section and has revealed she is carrying ‘the mental load’ of their baby. 

‘The first time you have a baby you’ll notice a few injustices…The second time you have a baby you’ll be used to them…And the third you could accept it or you could just move out,’ she said in a lengthy Facebook post.

Constance continued, ‘At some point, unless your the exception and in an extremely progressive relationship, your gonna got angry.

‘I carry the mental load of our baby. I know when he’s hungry, tired or needs a bath. My husband will happily bath him, or cuddle him…when he’s asked.

‘When my husband is holding him friends ask to take over, if he cries…they give him back to me.

‘When he’s smiling my husband picks him up, when he’s grumpy he gives him back,’ she adds. 

‘The other day I was giving my husband a kick up the arse to get ready quicker so we weren’t late and he turns to me and says…’Calm down, I’ve been looking after the baby all morning…for you..”  

Constance asks, ‘Wait what? For who?’ 

‘Oh me? Doing me a favour? Hang on should I get you some cash? What’s the rate for a babysitter these days $16 an hour? ‘When I need to leave the house without the baby I must book it in, ‘darling I’m going to the shops, you have Raja, I’ll be 20 mins.

‘Nobody reminds me that I have my baby when they leave. 

‘I say it because equality doesn’t mean shit if it doesn’t start in the home and what better place to start showing your kids what equality looks like then when they first arrive on this beautiful world.’ 

‘I say it because I don’t want the stats to keep growing on relationships breaking up in the first year of a baby being born.’ 

Constance has four children – Rumi, Snow, Arlo Love and Billie-Violet – to her previous husband Bill Maher and Denim has two sons – Zeyke and Sunny – from a previous relationship.

Raja is their first child together as a couple.  

Recently, the couple opened up about what it was like blending their family in an exclusive interview with New Idea. 

‘We’re so similar,’ she gushed about her partner.

‘If we meet someone new we walk away and have the same thoughts about them. And he ignores so much of the stuff I say. He’s not offended. I spent the whole first year asking if he was angry or p****d off with me, but now I know I don’t even have to ask. He’s brought my anxiety down so much.’

Despite already having six kids between them – Constance had Billie-Violet, nine, Arlo, six, Rumi and Snow, three, with her ex, while Denim is dad to Sunny, 17, and Zeyke, 13 – the couple wanted a child together.

‘We were sitting in a winery in Margs [Margaret River],’ Constance says, ‘and I said: “When we’re 70, and we’re looking down at all of our kids, we’ll always wonder what ours together would’ve looked like.’

It became the catalyst to try, and baby Raja was born on 28 May.

‘We liked the Indian name Raj, but Raja gave it a softness,’ she says. ‘If we’d had a girl, Denim is bird obsessed so maybe a bird name. Sparrow’s cute.’

Within the first few weeks Constance was wowed by how involved her new hubby was, talking of a potential power struggle for main parenting duties. But things have settled now and even if he’s being a perfect dad, Constance says he can still annoy her.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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