Aussie ‘Coffee Fairy’ mum brings comfort and cheer to hospital visitors

Incredible woman was inspired by her father.

Laura Cameron, 30, Edithvale, Vic

Taking a sip of coffee, a sense of relief washed over me.

There’s nothing to take the edge off like a warm cuppa, I thought.

My dad, Phillip, 73, had just been admitted to Monash Hospital, suffering a mini stroke.

Over the years, he’d been struck down by various health issues so I’d spent my fair share of time in different wards.

But we tried not to dwell on the negatives. We knew there was always one thing that’d perk us up – coffee.

Seeing Dad hooked up to machines, I needed a break.

‘I’m just going to grab a cuppa,’ I called out.

At the cafe, I ordered my regular cappuccino. ‘Plus five more,’ I smiled.

‘What do you mean?’ the cashier asked confused.

So I explained that I’d like to pay it forward and purchase coffees for the next five people who placed an order.

You never know who might need a warm hug, I thought. Coffee is the next best thing!

After that, I decided to order an additional drink each time I visited the cafe.

Before long, the staff dubbed me The Coffee Fairy.

That has a nice ring to it, I thought excitedly. So I had some stickers made.

Smile. Someone has just purchased this coffee for you, they read.

Then I set up a fundraising page where people can donate money for the project.

Since then I’d say we’ve donated more than 200 cuppas to people in need of a big warm hug.

It might not be much, but if a coffee can brighten someone’s day, I think that’s magical!

Help Laura put a smile on more people’s faces by donating at The Coffee Fairy Facebook.

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