Christchurch terrorist’s mosque shooting was TWO YEARS in the making

'I began planning an attack roughly two years in advance'
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One of the gunmen who stormed a Christchurch mosque and killed dozens has admitted to planning his shooting two years ago.

Australian man Brenton Tarrant, who identified himself as the attacker on Twitter, shared a 73-page manifesto describing his alleged plans for the shooting. 

The 28-year-old describes himself as ‘just a regular white man’ who was born to a ‘working class, low income’ family.

He also said he carried out the attack to ‘directly reduce immigration rates to European lands’.

He preemptively answered questions about the attack in his lengthy manifesto, confessing it was an attack two years in the making.

‘I [sic] begun planning this attack roughly two years in advance and and attack in the location of Christchurch three months in advance,’ he wrote. 

He also described it as a ‘terrorist act’.

Two attacks took place on Friday at two separate mosques, one at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Masjid Mosque in Christchurch.

Around 27 people are believed to be dead at the hands of the gunmen, with one witness reporting he saw a five-year-old child killed.

New Zealand Police have confirmed they have taken four people into custody following the attack.

More to come. 

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