Chilling footage has emerged of Las Vegas shooter planning massacre

His final days show his meticulous planning...
New York Times

Chilling video footage has emerged showing the movements of Las Vegas mass shooter, Stephen Paddock, in the days before he massacred 58 innocent people.

Just days before opening fire on concert goers, Paddock calmly and methodically transported suitcases to his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

In the footage exclusively obtained by the New York Times, Paddock can even be seen joking with staff, eating sushi in the resort’s restaurant and gambling for hours.

Stephen Paddock
Stephen Paddock (Credit: New York Times)

At one point, Paddock is captured taking seven bags to his room at once, looking at ease as he chats with staff. 

The bags held the automatic weapons and 1,100 rounds of ammunition he used to injure more than 800 people and kill 58 that were attending the Route 91 Harvest Music festival on the grounds below his window.

Casino staff have said it was not unusual for hotel visitors to bring large amounts of luggage.

Stephen Paddock was captured bringing multiple bags to his suite
Stephen Paddock was captured brining multiple bags into his suite (Credit: New York Times)

‘The video footage is remarkable in it’s banality,’ the New York Times said, describing how Paddock checked into his room before driving an hour to his home and returning with more bags.

‘Over seven days, hotel staff unwittingly helped him to move bag after bag of weapons to his room.’

Paddock playing the pokie machines
Paddock playing pokie machines (Credit: New York Times)

His actions are calm and friendly with everyone he encounters, showing no indication of the shocking crime he was about to commit.

Paddock appeared friendly
Paddock appeared friendly (Credit: New York Times)

You can watch the footage here.

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