Heartbreaking note discovered amid the rubble of the West London apartment fire

“I have lots of dreams I want to achieve"

Warning: Upsetting content

At least 12 people have died and 78 have been hospitalised as a result of the devastating Grenfell Tower blaze in London. And while emergency services continue to work on the scene, a heartbreaking handwritten note has been found outside the building amongst the debris.

“I can not describe my feeling. I am very, very happy,” the charred note says.

“I have a lot of ideas and plans.

“I have lots of dreams I want to achieve.”

It is unknown who wrote the note or if they survived the blaze.   

Londoner Michael Cowan shared a photograph of a charred sheet of school homework that “fell from a cloud of smoke”.

The inferno at Grenfall Tower began at around 1:30am, quickly escalating into an uncontrollable fire with tenants – including a lot of families with children – stuck inside. 

 So far, 12 people have been confirmed dead from the fire and 74 are being treated in hospital. The number is expected to rise as emergency crews tend to the building. 

Another distressing vision of the blaze was captured by a mother-of-two, who shared heartbreaking videos to social media from the 23rd floor of the burning London apartment building on Wednesday night.

Rania Ibrham posted a Snapchat video at 2:54am, where she can be seen praying in Arabic.

Her heartbroken best friend showed the clip to Good Morning Britain, saying: “You can see she’s trapped.”

“She’s praying and she’s saying, ‘Forgive me everyone, goodbye’.”

Rania has two young girls aged five and three who were in the building with her when it went up in flames. 

She posted a nine-minute Facebook live video at 1:38am, around the time the blaze started. 

In the clip, Rania is seen opening the door to her apartment and yelling for people stuck in the hallway to join her inside.

She can also be heard praying on the balcony.

“We are stuck on the 23rd floor,” another distraught woman yells out during the video.

“There’s too many people stuck upstairs. Hello!” she yells desperately. 

Friends have commented below the video, helplessly hoping to hear something from Rania, however, she hasn’t been heard from since.

Around 200 firefighters, 40 fire trucks and 20 ambulance crews first rushed to the scene.

This article first published on Marie Claire.

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