‘Children are afraid of me’ tragic father-of-three so disfigured by tumours he is going blind

The family is desperate to find a cure.

A 47-year old father is in a rush against time to get surgery for the hundreds of benign tumours that have grown all over his body and are now blocking his eyesight.

Shadot Hossain says the bubble-like tumours are so severe even his children don’t want to look at him. He cannot wear clothes on his upper body and struggles to feed himself.

It is believed that the tumours are caused by neurofibromatosis which results in non-cancerous tumours popping up all over the body.  Treatment involves surgery, in Bangladesh, is expensive and difficult to access.

‘My body feels heavy,’ he says.

‘The moment anyone sees me they try to move away from me. The kids when they see me they just freak out.’

His wife, Tajmohel Khatun, 39, says because the condition has made her husband unable to work, they cannot afford to send their son to school.

Thanks to a local social worker, Shadot may be able to get the surgery he needs in the coming weeks to save his eyesight. In the meantime, his wife prays.

‘I pray to God to cure my husband so I don’t have to live the rest of my life as a widow.

‘There is no peace in our lives.’

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