Charles & Camilla: Yes, our marriage is over!

After months of speculation, the Prince has finally walked.

In an explosive development, Prince Charles has told Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, that their marriage is finally over – ending months of speculation over their controversial relationship.

Racked with guilt over the devastating effect their long affair had on his late wife Diana – as the world remembers the 20-year anniversary of her death – the 68-year-old is looking to cut all ties with Camilla, 70.

The split announcement – which senior palace officials say is ‘imminent’ – coincides with the release of a new UK poll revealing that Charles’ popularity has spectacularly nose-dived in recent months.

Experts say the shocking slump is believed to be directly related to the public’s anger over new reports about the destructive effect his affair with Camilla had on Diana. 

And it seems that the poll – showing that 64 per cent of Brits think he’s damaging for the monarchy – was the final straw in convincing Charles to finally walk away from his marriage.

Camilla and Charles
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Charles told Camilla that he didn’t want her to be his queen,’ a senior palace source tells New Idea.

‘In the last month or so, Charles has been forced to relive the hurt and devastation his illicit affair with Camilla had on Diana, as all her old interviews and secret tapes resurface [for] the anniversary of her death.

‘Seeing the effect her death has had on their sons has also given Charles a lot to think about, and he’s feeling a lot of guilt.

‘He and Camilla have been having problems for years and living separate lives – but his guilt over Diana was the last straw.

Diana and Charles
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, are at loggerheads during their tour of South Korea in 1992. (Credit: Getty)

 ‘He can barely look at Camilla at the moment. Charles feels like their marriage has been a big mistake – and he wants to live out his final days without the guilt and shame of what they did to Diana hanging over his head.

‘He feels real remorse for the situation he created for Diana while she was alive – he is sorry for the hell he put her through.

‘He’s asked the palace lawyers to negotiate a settlement. We expect an announcement will be made soon.’

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