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Celeste Barber in LA in March 2019 CREDIT: Getty.

It might seem like Australian comedian Celeste Barber has had a meteoric rise out of nowhere and into notoriety and fame, but the social media star has actually been around for longer then you might think.

Here’s everything you need to know about the funniest woman of the moment.

What did Celeste Barber do before she was famous?

Born on May 8 1982, Celeste Barber, 37, is a trained actor, writer and comedian. Before rising to fame on her Instagram page where she parodies celebs including Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Miranda Kerr, she worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade including playing paramedic Bree Matthews on show All Saints and she was a sketch writer and performer on The Matty John’s Show. 

Barber was also a finalist at the 2006 Tribeca film festival.

Celeste Barber at the party to celebrate 400 episodes of popular Australian soap All Saints at The Astra Bar, Star City on July 25, 2007 in Sydney. (Credit: Getty)

Where does Celeste Barber live and is she married with kids?

Celeste Barber lives on the Central Coast, around two hours from Sydney, in Australia with her husband Api Robin (also known as #hothusband on Instagram) and they’ve been together for 13 years and got married in Bali in November 2013. They have two young sons together and Barber is stepmum to his older daughters from a previous relationship.

She calls him her ‘Maori Adonis’ and has joked of the night they met that it was love at first sight. ‘I’m hilarious. You’re breathtaking. I believe this is something that needs to take place in any relationship when the roles are so obvious,’ she said. 

Celeste Barber and Api Robin attends the InStyle & Audi Women of Style Awards on May 08, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Credit: Getty)

When did Celeste Barber become famous?

Although successful in her own right, in 18 short months Barber went from relative anonymity to global fame with her Instagram page and iconic #celestechallengeaccepted where she parodied photos of Hollywood celebrities. 

It all started when she and her sister started sending each other photos of celebrities on Instagram doing everyday stuff in a glamorous way.

‘My sister and I used to send photos to each other about 18 months ago going ‘um… this is supposedly what it looks like when you get out of a pool,’ Barber told Aussie TV show The Project in February 2017. 

Barber would reply ‘challenge accepted’ and then re-create the famous image with hilarious results. Today she’s known for parodying everyone Hollywood stars including Victoria’s Secret models, the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus and Cindy Crawford. 

Celeste Barber’s #celestecallengeaccepted tour…

In 2019 Barber embarked on a world tour in which she takes her celebrity parodies to the stage. In June and July she toured North America, including nights in New York and Las Vegas, and August will see her in Europe and then in September she’ll be in Australia and New Zealand

The stage show sees her explain ‘the story behind some of her most famous images, her new relationship with famous people, and the stalkers, fans and comments that get under her skin.’

When did Celeste Barber go viral?…

With her photos growing in popularity, Barber found herself going viral after she shared this photo of her parodying Justin Bieber. 

Comedian turned author…

In September 2018, Celeste Barber released her book Challenge Accepted which she says is her ‘guide to life’.

From there her popularity grew and grew, including over in the USA which is notoriously hard to crack as an entertainer. Imitating the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Ciara, Victoria Beckham and Beyonce has given Barber worldwide fame. In August 2019 Celeste Barber even graced the cover of Vogue.

Many of Celeste Barber’s photos require her to pose either nude or topless, but she often uses funny props to cover up her modesty.

Is Celeste Barber body positive? 

One of the most appealing things about Barber is that she doesn’t apologise for not confirming to the usual weight, height and measurements expected of a celebrity, in fact she uses her more realistic body shape to her benefit. 

In an article on her website, Barber said: ‘I have been asked in a number of interviews how I’m going to get my body into shape for summer. To which I respond, “what shape are you referring to? I’m working on the wobbly pear shape at the moment and am quite happy with my progress.” Crickets.

In the same article, Barber also wrote about the emergency heart surgery she had when she was 25.

What are Celeste Barber’s most infamous pictures?

Now here’s the best bit! Here’s a gallery of some of the best photos from our favourite Australian comedian:

Don’t you just love her!

What’s your favourite Celeste Barber pic on Instagram? We’d love to know!

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