Is THIS the world’s biggest Royal fan?

Margaret has an entire room in her home dedicated to Princess Diana…

No one is more excited for the upcoming Royal wedding than Margaret Tyler. 

She is without a doubt Britain’s biggest Royal Fan with an extraordinary collection of memorabilia dating back more than 40 years.

Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew – who is in London to cover the wedding of the century – popped over to Margaret’s home to meet the superfan for herself.

‘If there is a piece of Royal memorabilia worth buying, Margaret already owns it,’ Edwina tells New Idea.

Margaret  royal fan
Edwina Bartholemew meets Britain’s biggest Royal fan (Credit: Supplied)

‘Four entire rooms of her London home are crammed with Royal tea towels, cups, plates, photos, baby shoes, life size replicas and even a commemorative jar of pickles.

‘She is a Royal devotee. The Queen is her favourite but it’s Princess Diana that commands the most real estate in Margaret’s home.

‘The Diana room has pink walls and a mural on the ceiling, as if Diana is looking down on this incredible collection of memories.’

And now Harry and Meghan have their own space inside this very unique home.

harry and meghan dolls
Harry and Meghan dolls have their own space inside Margaret’s home (Credit: Supplied)

‘I think Diana would get along well with Meghan,’ Margaret told Monday’s Sunrsie. ‘They would both love Harry – laughing and mucking about.’

The soon-to-be newlyweds have their own ever expanding table in Margaret’s home, with a Harry and Meghan doll front and centre.

‘You’ll find copies of her Vanity Fair issue and a TV playing documentaries on the young couple in the main room,’ Edwina tells New Idea.

‘The Royals seem to keep Margaret company. She has four children of her own and they all contribute further to the collection each birthday and Christmas.

Princess Diana collection
The home is also a shrine to the late Princess Diana (Credit: Supplied)

Surely she has enough?

‘No’, Margaret says.

Whenever anyone tells her, ‘You have no room’, she finds space.

Margaret says she simply loves the challenge.

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This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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