Bridezilla demands to know her MIL’s salary to decide how much she’ll pay for the wedding

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A furious bride-to-be has demanded to know her mother-in-law’s salary in order to calculate her contribution to the wedding.

Taking to advice forum Reddit, the anonymous woman said her own parents are gifting $5000 towards the wedding and expects her fiance’s mother to do the same.

But her soon-to-be mother-in-law claims to have no income, despite renting out a property, receiving retirement money and her deceased ex-husband’s social security.

Refusing to believe it, the bride pestered her fiance with questions about his mother’s salary and demands she pay up.

‘Two months go by and she says she owes money to the IRS and asked my fiance for help to give her $1,000 to pay that back,’ she wrote on Reddit.

‘I told him and said, “well she gets income from renting her second property plus she gets retirement money, why can’t she use that?”.’

‘My fiance kinda got fed up of me asking and telling him these things and now we got into a fight.’

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The woman said she knows her mother-in-law has enough money, claiming it is all ‘lies, lies, lies’.

But her angry tirade was not met with much sympathy.

Commenters were quick to tell the Bridezilla to lay off her mother-in-law and to just ‘cancel the wedding’ if she can’t afford it.

Others suggested ways to cut costs, including using a playlist instead of a DJ, letting guests use disposable cameras instead of a photographer and making your own decorations. 

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