BREAKING: Reported breakthrough in the disappearance of the Beaumont children

Police confirm that an alleged grave site will be searched

Fifty two years after the disappearance of Adelaide’s Beaumont children, there is today major movement in the case, with police reportedly set to return to a factory site to investigate a possible grave following a year-long Seven News investigation.

There will be a new dig at New Castalloy factory in the Adelaide suburb of North Plympton amid renewed allegations the children were buried there after being murdered, following their fateful visit to Glenelg Beach. A Seven News investigation involving ground-penetrating radar has discovered an area of disturbed ground that police now plan to exhume. 

Police have previously dug at the site following allegations contained in the book The Satin Man, which claimed a deceased Adelaide businessman was involved in the deaths of Jane, 9, Arnna 7 and Grant, 4.

Author Alan Whiticker says the man’s son has accused him of the killings. Two witnesses claimed they were required to dig a large hole at the site at the behest of the suspect around the time the children went missing.

A dig in 2013 came up with nothing – but the process angered the alleged witnesses who maintained the wrong area was being searched.

‘The men weren’t present when the police dug a very small section of the factory and we would have liked them to have done a little bit more extensive excavation and perhaps had these men on board to say what exactly happened 40 years ago,’ said Whiticker.

According to reports, police have since come across new information that supports the need for another dig.

The children’s parents, who are still alive, have yet to publicly comment on the development.

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