BREAKING Police search rubbish tip for remains of Qld teen who vanished 20 years ago

Our thoughts are with the family.

A rubbish tip is being searched for potential remains of an Aussie teen who went missing two decades ago.

Rachel Antonio was last seen on Anzac Day in 1998, aged 16. In 2016 a coroner ruled that her 25-year-old boyfriend, Robert Hytch, had ‘caused a fatal injury’ after an altercation, which caused her death.

It has long been suspected that Rachel’s body was dumped in a skip, which emptied into the tip.

Detective Nikki Colfs has announced that the Bowen tip is now being investigated, and may end up being excavated in the hope of locating Rachel’s remains.

Rachel’s parents, Ian and Cheryl Antonio, welcome the new development.

‘It’s the best information we’ve had for ages,’ mum Cheryl told the Courier-Mail

‘We’ve got something positive now.’

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