BREAKING: Boyfriend may be charged over tragic jetski death of his partner

So sad.
Tommy Lyon Keating / Facebook

Emily Collie, 20, was killed by injuries sustained when her jetski collided with that of her boyfriend, Thomas Keating, 22, at a beach in Thailand.

Desperate attempts were made to revive Ms Collie on the beach, however she did not recover from the severe neck and shoulder injuries, and was announced dead shortly after at a Phuket hospital.

Local police are investigating the incident. Senior officer Patiwat Yodkwan says they’re waiting to talk to Mr Keating because he is too distraught at the moment.

‘The boyfriend is in mourning and crying, so we cannot ask him much,’ he explains.

Mr Keating has said that bright sunshine reflecting off the water left him dazzled and he didn’t realise he was in danger of hitting Ms Collie’s jetski.

He may face charges of reckless driving causing death.

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