Brave eight-year-old takes the wheel and saves his Mum

Highway miracle!

Teaching assistant Lauren Smith, 27, was driving over 100km/h down a highway when she suffered a seizure.

The situation could have quickly turned deadly if it weren’t for the calm, quick thinking of Lauren’s eight-year-old son, Ben.

Ben was sitting in the passenger seat next to his mum when her body tensed up and started shaking uncontrollably.

Then, Lauren passed out.

‘I just collapsed. My head was resting on the steering wheel,’ Lauren told the Daily Mail.

Despite his mum never having had a seizure before, and having no training in what to do, Ben calmly reached over and took control.

Son saves mum

Steering the vehicle across two lanes of traffic and on to a grassy verge, Ben was able to safely bring the car to a stop behind a van.

He even had the presence of mind to turn the hazard lights on.

Fellow drivers pulled over to help and when Lauren woke up they filled her in on Ben’s incredible bravery.

‘As I came around, the ambulance was arriving. It took me a really long time to register it and I just could not believe it,’ Lauren said.

Son saves mum

Doctors believe Lauren’s seizure was caused by a virus and say Ben is a hero.

‘I’ve been telling him, what you did was amazing, you literally are a lifesaver,’ Lauren says.

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