8-year-old praised for 000 call that saved his mum’s life

Bailey was the only person at home when his mum collapsed.

An eight-year-old boy from Port Kennedy has been praised by St John Ambulance paramedics who say he saved his mum’s life – after an heroic triple-0 call.

Bailey, the only other person home when his mother collapsed, made the emergency call after she took a turn for the worse.

Unbeknown to him she was suffering from Septicimia, more commonly known as blood poisoning.

But the little hero, who says he is ‘happy…a lot’ about being given that moniker, did know exactly what to do in this situation.

That’s because he passed a St John Ambulance course in his year 3 class, just last year.

The triple-0 call, which made his mother Gwen cry when she first heard it, was made in January when she collapsed at home.

In it the paramedics can be heard asking the eight-year-old “what’s happening.”

Bailey responds: “My mum’s got a kidney infection and she’s doing weird stuff.”

But it was more than just a kidney infection and Gwen was in fact dying.



The operator than asks if Bailey can wake her up, to which he can be heard stirring her and confirming she’s conscious.

Bailey then stayed on the phone – until help arrived.

An impromptu decision that his mum has no doubt kept her alive.

“He did, yep. He saved my life,” she said.

“He was it, there was no one else at home.”

Bailey is just one of more than half a million WA students who has undergone St John Ambulances first aid programs, run in schools for kids as young as three.

The program has been running for 10 years.

So what does the little hero want to be when he grows up?

“A policeman”, because, he says, it felt good to save a life.

This article originally appeared on The West Australian.

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