Boy stabbed at sleepover dies on birthday

His mum has confirmed the heartbreaking news.

A young boy has been stabbed to death on his 13th birthday.

According to PEOPLE, the boy’s suspected killer is said to be a 17-year-old and has reportedly left another 13-year-old and his lawyer mum with multiple stab wounds.

Authorities revealed that Jovanni Sierra was brutally killed on his 13th birthday at a friend’s home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Officials reported that the young victim’s throat was slashed while he was asleep and was repeatedly stabbed.

Interim Palm Beach Garden Police Chief, Clint Shannon said to reporters that the suspect had allegedly confessed to committing the horrific crime.

Shannon also claimed that the teen used a knife he brought to the sleepover to kill everyone in the home at the time.

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After the shocking stabbing, police said other victims include the suspect’s friend, the friend’s mum and the friend’s 13-year-old brother.

According to police, the friend’s mother heard moaning from upstairs early Monday morning prompting her to check upstairs. She was then allegedly stabbed with a knife by the suspect more than 12 times. 

Her 13-year-old son came to her aid as she plunged down the stairs, who was then also later stabbed by the suspect according to police reports.

Following his arrest, the teen was believed to be identified as known by authorities for ‘suspicious activities’. He allegedly told authorities that Jovanni teased him about his faith.

The offendant now remains in custody, with a grand jury set to soon decide whether the teen will be treated as an adult on murder and attempted murder charges. 

This article originally appeared New Idea.

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