Boy bitten by FUNNEL WEB needed 12 shots of antivenen to survive

'I couldn’t get it off'

Matthew Mitchell, 10, was helping his dad clean up their back shed when he was bitten on the finger by a funnel web, which had hidden in a shoe.

“It sort of clawed onto me and all the legs and everything crawled around my finger and I couldn’t get it off,” Matthew told The Daily Telegraph

Luckily, Matthew managed to flick the spider off.

“It landed a few feet away from me so I knew exactly what it was,” Mitchell’s Dad, David, told The Daily Telegraph. 

Rushed to hospital, Matthew’s eyes began to dilate and he started sweating and frothing from the mouth.

When he began to have seizures, doctors administered 12 vials of antivenin  – the most in Australian history, according to The Daily Telegraph. 

The spider was taken to the Australian Reptile Park where it will become part of its milking program.

Matthew’s Dad told The Daily Telegraph that he wanted “to spread the message” about always checking shoes, gardening gloves and washing left out overnight for spiders before putting them on.

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