Boss’s hilarious reply to his employee who tries to pull a sickie on his day off!

Mark McLelland

When Scottish bloke Mark McLelland woke up after a big night out he knew he wasn’t going to make it in to work that day.

He decided to chuck a sickie and sent a text in to his boss, Greig, asking if that would be okay saying he had ‘the runs’.

Luckily he didn’t have to go in anyway because (as his boss put it in his hilarious reply): ‘It’s Sunday, ya f***ing weapon.’

(Credit: Mark McLelland)

Mark posted a picture of the exchange to Twitter with the comment: ‘When you wake up thinking it’s Monday morning and text your gaffer wanting a day off.’

It’s since been liked over 25,000 times at this point with commenters sharing they’ve made exactly the same mistake before!

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