Beachgoers warned of danger as high temps bring bluebottle invasion

Beware of these nasties if you want to cool off at the beach today.

Aussies attempting to escape record-breaking heat are being warned to take care at the beach as swarms of blue bottles move along NSW coast.

Warm water and strong winds are causing thousands of the stingers to wash up on beaches, with nearby hospitals treating increasing numbers of victims over the weekend.

How to treat a bluebottle sting:

  • Avoid rubbing the stung area.

  • Remove all traces of tentacles.

  • Rinse area well with seawater to remove stinging cells.

  • Treat the pain by immersing the area in hot water.

  • If hot water is unavailable apply and ice pack to the area.

  • Call 000 if symptoms continue, or if stings are to the face and throat.

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