Babysitter wakes up to find the kids missing

A living nightmare!
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Sleeping on the job is not ideal but for one babysitter, it has become a true nightmare.

In a case to prove a point, a parent has put their babysitter to the test. Dad, Christopher went to the extreme by staging a fake kidnapping!

After forgetting paperwork at home, Christopher spotted their babysitter Sarah fast asleep when she was supposed to be taking care of his children whilst away at work. Furious, he took his kids out of the home to test how she would react.

The result was not pleasant as Sarah waited for at least two hours before contacting the busy dad.

Sarah began to panic and texted Christopher: ‘Call me now” but Christopher did not budge, plainly texting back ‘Can’t whats up.’

Sarah beginning to panic then demanded: ‘Make it happen. Call now’

‘Wtf I can’t,” Christopher wrote back before adding ‘Everything ok?’

Eventually losing his cool, he sent ‘Where are my f*cking kids sarah?’

After much back and forth, Christopher eventually revealed that it was an elaborate test: ‘I took my f*****g kids at 10. Get out of my f*****g house! I may be pressing charges on you for neglecting my f*****g kids.’

‘Are you kidding me’ Sarah responded.

Christopher then proceeded to fire her: ‘You’re fired and no you will find out real soon if I am joking on my way to police station now.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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