Baby’s face ‘looked like bacon’ after SHOCKING reaction to kids’ sunscreen

Horrified mum shares her story.
7 News

Mum Sarah Wallace was concerned about protecting her baby girl, Chloe, from the sun but shortly after applying Sarah was horrified to see Chloe’s face erupt in blisters.

‘Her face looked like a piece of bacon,’ the horrified mum told 7 News.

‘It’s the only way I can explain it.

‘There was no doubt in my mind it was directly from the product itself.’


Sarah Wallace was horrified at the reaction her baby had to the sunscreen. (Credit: 7 News)

This is the latest in a series of concerned parents saying popular sunscreen brands, including Banana Boat, were causing horrific reactions in their kids.

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In response, Cancer Council CEO Professor Sanchia Aranda says that a common ingredient in all sunscreen brands can cause reactions. So it is important to test the cream on a patch of skin before use.

‘Babies skin is particularly sensitive and it’s also thinner than adult skin so the ability to get a reaction is much higher,’ she explains.

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