Mum’s decision to leave her baby alone in a hotel room divides the internet

It's causing quite the debate.

The internet is officially divided, and it’s all over this one mother’s story.

Writing a post for The Telegraph earlier this month, Frequent Crier wrote: ‘My husband and I put our daughter carefully in her deep-sided travel cot, flipped the switch on the video monitor and tiptoed out of our hotel room to dinner.’ 

Their daughter is 11-months-old. 

The post continues, ‘We ate, we drank and we were back in the room, brushing our teeth and undressing with the stealth of ninjas, by 10pm. 

‘It was only the next day that I realised I may have made a serious error of judgement. Casually describing the previous night to our friends, I was met with concerned looks.’ 

Two sides quickly developed. One side proposed that parents leaving their children could result in serious consequences, while others claimed that as long as the parents returned in a reasonable amount of time the decision was fine. 

Ms Crier explained that she and her husband vigorously checked up on their daughter throughout the night. 

We ended up going back to our room to check on our daughter – who is a very sound sleeper – every 20 minutes, while staff assured us that they would let us know if they heard a cry in passing,’ she explained. 

Ending with a final statement, Ms Crier asserted: ‘All I’m talking about here is letting my baby sleep peacefully in a room without me, as she does every night.’ 

What do you think? 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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