Australia’s most popular animal names have been revealed

Is your pet one of the cool kids?

Australia’s most popular pet names have been revealed thanks to a new survey.

‘Bella’ is the nation’s favourite name for cats, with Smokey coming in second followed by Buddy.

And Bella proved doubly popular, topping the charts for dog names, too.

Coming in second was Buddy, followed by Charlie.

Top pet names in Australia Bella Smokey Charlie
Australia’s top pet names according to a survey by (Credit:

The survey, released by rental website analysed the names of 30,000 Aussie pets in its database.

It also looked at animals named after food and drink.

The top beverage-inspired name was Bubbles, with Milo coming in second and Cola in third. 

Gin, Juice, Moet, Tequila, VB (!), Latte and Coffee made up the full list.

While Lolly took the top spot in the food name chart. Orea, Peaches, Skittles, Cookie, Pepper, Mango, Peanut, Honey and Nugget were the runners up.

Aussie pets named after food and drink
VB was the eighth most popular drinks-inspired name (Credit:

And Queensland was named the most pet-friendly state, followed by NSW and WA.

Overall, dogs were the nation’s favourite pets, with 68 per cent of all animals on file being pooches.

Cats trailed behind on 24 per cent, with spiders proving to be the least common pet at just 0.04 per cent.

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