What do these two pics have in common?

They're both officially related!

It’s been 28 years coming, but the Australian National Dictionary has been officially updated to include over 6000 new words and phrases unique to Aussie culture! Including…


That’s right, the tiny cups of frothed milk trendy parents buy for mini-me babies is officially an Australian word. Normally served with marshmallows and dusted with chocolate, these drinks thankfully don’t actually contain any coffee.

Dagwood dog

You may have grown up with the battered sav or good ol’ pluto pup but the dictionary-official name for these deep-fried frankfurts is dagwood dog!


The humble sausage has many names – here at home in Oz everyone know what you mean when you chuck a snag on the barbie!

Checkout chick

Chances are you were one of these once upon a time!


An affectionate term for the red-heads among us!


‘do a Bradbury’

This phrase describes the miraculous success of someone despite that they had no chance – in honour of Steven Bradbury’s gold medal after he skated past fellow racers who fell over during the Winter Olympics.

Bradbury was happy to win that medal!

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