Australia Post deliver postcard 50 years after it was sent

They apologised for the inconvenience

Australia Post issues an apology after postcard takes over 50 years to deliver.

In 1966 a postcard was sent from Tahiti by a man named ‘Chris’. What Chris didn’t know, was that ‘Robert Georgio’ of Adelaide would never receive the note addressed to him – but rather in 2016 Tim Duffy and his wife, Claire, would.

‘It took a while to realise it was an old one,’ says Tim of the postcard which he found under his gas bill. He told the Adelaide Advertiser he suspects it go lost while in transit on a boat.

‘It’s fresh enough alright it is a bit faded and it’s got some damage to the top left, which looks like a bit of water damage,’ he said.

Australia Post have apologised for the inconvenience.

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