‘Aussiest wedding ever’ wraps up at Bunnings sausage sizzle

'We got there and went straight to the snags.'

A Sydney couple has been awarded the title of ‘Aussiest wedding ever’ after heading to Bunnings after their ceremony to score an iconic sausage sandwich.

‘We did not even walk inside, but they were all happy to see us, all having a laugh. A staff member came out to take photos with us and the missus got her face painted,’ Jordan told Daily Mail Australia.

‘They asked if she wanted onions and she said I do. It was the best. And they say Australians aren’t cultured!’

The couple were astonished that their funny snaps from their wedding went viral – and when TODAY asked them where they are planning to have their anniversary, Jordan said – ‘Kmart!’

The title of ‘Aussiest wedding ever’ was confirmed when Jordan revealed the traditional ‘shoey’ was a large part of the celebrations!

This article first published on New Idea.

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