Aussie mum allegedly tried to kill her baby three times because she was ‘possessed’ 

She says the devil made her do it.

A Brisbane mum who allegedly tried to kill her baby daughter three different times was ‘attacked by the devil’,  court has heard,

Ashleigh Meagan Watterson, 30, has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court charged with the attempted murder of her daughter, Sarah. 

Court heard that in October, 2010 ambulances visited the Watterson’s home to revive her daughter, Sarah, who was said to suffer from ‘apnoea’ which would cause her to stop breathing in her sleep.

A second ambulance was called later that day when Watterson says Sarah had again stopped breathing. The oxygen deprivation caused in the second instance left four-month-old Sarah with brain damage.

Court was told that the final and third incident involved Watterson allegedly arranging for Sarah to have a ‘Do Not Resuscitate‘ plan put in place while at the hospital, before attempting to suffocate her in the bathroom.

The prosecutor for the case, Danny Boyle, says a witness will testify seeing a woman come out of the toilets with a baby saying ‘I just tried to kill my baby, it’s just breathed.’

The court also heard a confession made by Watterson to police in 2013:

‘During the time Sarah was having apnoea… she wasn’t having any apnoea events, that was me.’

‘The devil can attack you and can make you do things and I feel that’s what happened,” she told Redcliffe police on August 19, 2013.

AAP report that Watterson’s defense team have argued that any previous confessions should be discounted, due to an undiagnosed mental disorder Watterson was suffering from. 

On March 20, 2012, Sarah died – however her cause of death was not determined and is not part of the court case.

The trial is ongoing.

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