Aussie mum sent chilling texts before being found dead in Africa

Her family in Australia have been left devastated by the news and are fighting to bring her body home.

Australian mother-of-three Bronwyn Fielding moved from Brisbane to a small town in Uganda to help orphans in 2007.

Four years ago, she married Michael Osago, a Ugandan man she had met while setting up her Good Samaritan Organisation in the east African country. 

But when Bronwyn’s family in Australia began receiving messages from her saying she was afraid someone was trying to poison her, they began to fear for their daughter’s life.

A few week’s later, in late June, Bronwyn’s parents and children were notified of her death. 

Michael Osago with Bronwyn Fielding in Uganda
Bronwyn married Michael Osago four years ago. (Credit: Facebook)

Filled with questions about Bronwyn’s passing, her family are heartbroken and are desperately trying to raise money to bring her body home. 

Once they bring Bronwyn back to Australia, they plan to run tests to ensure there was no foul play and that she wasn’t poisoned. 

Her husband, Osago, who was questioned by police, denies any involvement in his wife’s passing, saying: “I really loved Bron.”

“They may think that maybe I’m a liar or I have done something wrong to her or anything. But I’m just requesting them, please, trust what I’m saying,” he said, as reported by ABC News.

Bronwyn Fielding
(Credit: Facebook)

However, Bronwyn’s uncle, David Pagey, told ABC that her family had heard “three different accounts of how she passed away” from Osago, although the official autopsy states that she died from a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in her lung.

“(Her partner) wanted to have her buried within 24 hours and he wanted us to send money immediately over to him, he was asking for quite a considerable amount of money,” he told theBrisbane Times

The 37-year-old’s death is the latest tragedy to hit the family, after Bronwyn’s brother, Adam, was murdered in 2010.

Her eldest daughter, Kierra, says her mum’s death is hard to fathom. 

“It’s ripping my little brother apart. He loved his mum,” she said. 

“He didn’t like her choices — none of us liked her choices — but we really loved her.”

The family has created a GoFundMe page to help bring Bronwyn home to Australia.

This article first published on Marie Claire.

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