Aussie mum plans to live stream childbirth

What do you think? Would you ever do this?
Instagram - real_mumma

A Melbourne mummy blogger plans to live stream her childbirth on Facebook to prove to people that labour ‘is nothing like the movies’. 

Adele Barbaro, who is already a mum to toddler Harvey, said she wanted to show her followers that you can’t plan for labour. 

‘I hope it will give a great insight into childbirth for those that are expecting soon or maybe even their partners, too,’ she wrote. 

Adele had planned to have a water birth with her first child, but was instead forced to have an emergency c-section. 

‘To me, childbirth was going to be a day where I would be empowered, strong and proud but became a day I am still annoyed about today,’ she posted to Facebook earlier this year.

Her husband, Paul, will be helping her share the experience when her little girl, who is due in July, arrives. 

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