Aussie mum faces court charged with murdering her boy because he looked ‘too much like his father’


A mum facing court charged with murdering her toddler is alleged to have done so because he looked ‘too much like his father’.

The three-year-old boy never regained consciousness after paramedics were called to his family home in 2014, his mother claiming he had tripped and fallen on a rope tied to their dogs.

The woman and the toddler’s stepfather later admitted to inflicting serious abuse on the boy, including locking him in a cooler box, and slamming a sliding door on his head.

7 News report that the mother told police in an interview that she did love the boy but that she also hated him ‘because he looked like his father’.

She said: ‘I wanted to kill him.’

The toddler has an adult brother, who is believed to have witnessed the attacks, who will testify in the coming days at the trial continues.

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