Aussie girl left devastated after classmates snub her birthday

Poor little thing!

Mia, who has autism, was left heartbroken at her birthday party over the weekend when her classmates didn’t show up.

Mia McKay, 8, hosted a McDonalds birthday party, with her mother, Sarah, telling the Gold Coast Bulletin, ‘She invited quite a lot of kids to the party. Most didn’t RSVP and of those who did most didn’t turn up.’

Sarah continued, ‘I was just so bummed for her, it seems so rude. She didn’t say it but you could tell from the look on her face she was wondering where everyone was. She’s a funny little girl, I mean she could crack you up any day.’

However, Mia’s story has a happy ending!

‘I just posted on a buy and swap page on Facebook that [kids hadn’t showed up] and I had some Happy Meals ready to go and if anyone wanted them, they could come and pick them up,’ Sarah said.

Within hours, fellow Gold Coast residents were offering to take Mia on play dates.

Sarah said, ‘Now some lovely ladies have agreed to hold a party in the park for Mia this Sunday. It’s lifted my spirits and it’s restored my faith in humanity.’

More than 100 kids are expected to attend the party at Kurrawa Park in Broadbeach on Sunday at 11.30am.

Locals have donated jumping castles, cakes, party decorations and a photo booth for the day. All are welcome.

We hope Mia has the best time!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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