Little battler’s heartbreaking question for her mum

Inspirational youngster beat the odds

Little Aussie battler Jenna Hansford beat the odds when she fought meningococcal.

But the three-year-old asks her mum, Karen, a heart-breaking question – ‘Why don’t I have a hand?’

Jenna, from Waterloo Corner, SA, was rushed to hospital in August 2015 after waking up with a purple rash on her stomach and back.

Doctors battled to save her limbs from the disease, but the infection had already taken hold.

The youngster’s left knee cap, lower right arm and fingers and thumbs on her left hand had to be amputated.

After a five month stay in Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Jenna was finally allowed home.

Karen told the The Advertiser she explains to Jenna that she lost her hands because she was ‘really really sick’, and that Jenna explains this to her curious friends.

Despite everything she’s been through, Karen says Jenna is a happy little girl.

The youngster is the face of the WCH’s TeamKids Easter Appeal.

Image: GoFundMe/Karen Hansford
Image: GoFundMe/Karen Hansford
Image: GoFundMe/Karen Hansford

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