Aussie Dad races against ticking time bomb

Can YOU help save him?
Emma Nayler Photographer

– Whizzing along the highway one day, Marie Lister’s husband, Troy, 28, suffered a terrifying seizure while he was driving.

– Their two small children were in the backseat. 

– Diagnosed with a brain tumour, Troy was rushed into surgery. After radiation he was declared cancer-free.

– Sadly, he’s relapsed and needs your help to keep fighting.

– Here, Marie, 28, from Caloundra, Qld, tells the story in her own words.

Yawning, my eyes were heavy as I drove home after night shift.

‘Mummy!’ my kids, Ashlynn, six, and Madden, four, yelled as I walked in.

‘Get yourself to bed, hun,’ my hubby, Troy, 28, said, giving me a kiss.

‘I’ll take the kids for a drive so you can get some rest.’

Troy, with Madden, is the best daddy. (Credit: Emma Nayler Photographer)

But tucked up in bed, I suddenly changed my mind and went with them.

Whizzing along the motorway minutes later, Troy tried to grab my hand.

‘Marie, I’m not feeling well,’ he said, blacking out.

Panicking, I gripped the steering wheel and guided the runaway car towards the median strip, traffic flying past.

Troy began to seize violently and froth at the mouth as my kids screamed in terror.

He’s dying… I thought, yanking the handbrake on.

Rushed to hospital, Troy was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

We were devastated but determined to fight it.

What if I’d stayed in bed?! I’d have lost my whole family! I thought.

After gruelling surgery and rounds of radiation, Troy was given the all clear a few months later.

My beloved hubby after his surgery. (Credit: Supplied)

But this February, he relapsed.

This time, he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer called Glioblastoma.

‘The tumour’s wrapped around his brain stem,’ the doctor explained.

With a one per cent survival rate, Troy was given just months to live. Worst of all, they said it was inoperable.

But getting a second opinion, world-renowned brain surgeon Charlie Teo reckoned otherwise.

Now, we need to raise $100,000 to fund the surgery.

We’re asking readers of that’s life! to give anything they can towards Troy’s operation.

With a little bit of help from others, we hope we can save his life.

 Contribute towards Troy’s surgery here.

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