Amazing video of 7-year-old girl as Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses

Xia Vigor has done it again!

The 7-year-old who wowed us with her uncanny impersonation of Taylor Swift has done it again taking on rock legend Axl Rose.

Performing on the show ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’, children dress up like famous music personalities and cover their songs in a karaoke-style contest.

Xia Vigor has fast become a firm favourite on the show with her impeccable performances.

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Copying Axl’s walk and mannerisms, she even sang ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ with Axl’s signature raspy voice.

xia vigor as axl rose and as Taylor Swift
Can you believe this is the same kid?

Some people have accused Xia’s family of pushing their daughter into the limelight, but her parents hit back saying she enjoys it and is very driven.

In an interview with MailOnline Xia herself says she loves what she does: ‘I really, really love what I’m doing. I feel so excited because people in every country are watching me. When I perform on stage, I always say to myself: ‘Xia, do your best’.

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