Viral video of heartless Aldi scam has the internet going crazy

Some people are so cruel!
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CCTV footage has captured the heartbreaking moment an 87-year-old woman has her purse stolen in Aldi.

The video shows the woman casually doing her grocery shop, with her handbag at the top of her trolley. As she walks down the aisle, a man distracts her. 

It looks as if the lady is offering advice in the fruit and vegetable section, while another man sneaks up behind her and grabs her belongings. He leans in, puts his hands in her handbag and takes off with it after ensuring there is in fact cash inside it. 

The lady appears completely oblivious as she continues to help the other man. 

The incident took place in an Aldi UK store, and the CCTV footage was released by local police, who also released pictures of the thieves on Facebook, where they have been shared extensively. 

But while the two men in question are still on the run, the local community has banded together to help out the lady.

The Sun reports that one local woman has set up an internet crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to replace the stolen cash. 

Amanda Williams explains, ‘I would like to help this 87-year-old lady who was just doing her shopping. This could be my nan, your nan, it’s not nice to happen to anyone. Please help me to make this lady believe that there is some good out there still.’

Almost £2,400 have been raised. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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