Aldi manager forces teen out of store for controversial reason

And the Internet can't decide who's in the right.

A teenage boy has filmed the moment an Aldi manager kicked him out of a store because other teenagers had been caught shoplifting. 

Anita Duesterhaus, from Melbourne, uploaded footage of the incident and called out the Mornington Aldi store manager for ‘blatant discrimination’ against her son Jai.

The mother-of-nine said her son Jai had gone to the Aldi to buy lunch for a school excursion and was ‘alone, well presented, polite and had a wallet full of cash.’

‘He was treated like a criminal and told that students from Mornington Secondary were not welcomed to shop in his store,’ she continued. 

In the footage the manager can be seen escorting the teen out of the store. 

‘How dare you record me mate. You can’t record me,’ he says.

‘That’s ridiculous. You’re telling me I can’t come in because I’m from Mornington Secondary College,’ the teen asks.

‘Yes correct,’ the manager replies. ‘Unfortunately like I said, tweet it, Facebook if you like, but unfortunately schoolkids have stolen from the store. Students plural.’

Ms Duesterhaus said she was sent a written apology by Aldi after making an official complaint, but later received a call from the manager defending the move.

Aldi has defended the store’s decision to ban students from the school and explained they did not have a blanket protocol to deal with disruptive teenage customers. 

‘In store locations where we identify shoplifting, disruptive or disrespectful behaviour that involves school students, our preference is to work with the local school to make the issue known,’ an Aldi Australia spokesperson told DailyMail.  

‘Despite the engagement and support of the local school, a handful of students continued to display inappropriate behaviour.

‘As a result, the Aldi Mornington store made an independent decision to temporarily ban students unless accompanied by an adult.’

You can see the video below:

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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