Bad news for Aldi shoppers

Our Christmas dreams have been broken.
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If you’re a regular Aldi shopper we’ve got some bad news for you – the budget supermarket has officially announced a wine advent calendar, every adults dream during the months of December. 

The bad news? It won’t be making its way to Australia.

The popular supermarket chain announced in the UK that they were releasing an advent wine calendar in time for Christmas.

The wine advent calendar features 24 mini bottles of wine that are to be consumed over 24 days. 

Aldi fans sent messages to the chain asking if the advent calendar would be sold here.

‘Is there some kind of petition we can sign to get the wine advent sold in Australia? Even better would be an Australian wine advent calendar using Australian wine.’

However, News Corp contacted Aldi for an answer for their patient loyal shoppers and this was their response:

‘ALDI operates in a number of countries, in which varying products are sold in each market. At this stage, the wine advent calendar will not be available in Australian ALDI stores.’

This article originally appeared New Idea.

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