Aldi shock secrets exposed: what you need to know

The reason we love the supermarket chain so much!
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Aldi – the German supermarket chain that has become one of our go-to’s when it comes to saving money. Now, the reason behind the store’s global domination has been revealed by it’s CEO Tom Daunt.

Ahead of the opening of Australia’s 500th Aldi store, Mr Daunt told Nine News that it was a combination of better choices and faster service that helped satisfy its customers. 

They offer superior products – but only one of! 

Offering superior products instead of a large range of choices was one of the secrets to its success Mr Daunt said. 

‘We don’t offer 12 or 15 peanut butters, we offer two – smooth or crunchy – but we make sure that it is a really high quality product,’ he said. 

Plastic wrappings are key

Mr Daunt also said that although packaging their fruit and vegetables in plastic increased cost ‘incrementally’ it helped keep the products fresher and away from germs. 

Longer checkouts

When it came to processing a person’s grocery load, longer checkouts also helped Aldi in her bid to outdo the competition. 

‘It is designed to be fast…we have physically long check-outs but you’ll notice hopefully the queues are not long either,’ Mr Daunt said. 

‘[Customers] are benefiting because the increased levels of competition we’ve brought has really forced all market participants to sharpen up.’ 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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