After her scales read ERROR, this mum lost 92 kilos

Her daughter looks amazing too!

A South Australian mum-of-two lost a whopping 92 kilos after she got so big, she couldn’t even use her scales.

When Kathryn Wilsdon, 45, stepped on her bathroom scales, instead of showing her weight – they just read ‘ERROR’.

‘This was the wake-up call I needed to make a change,’ said Kathryn.

After telling her twins Bradley and Emily, then 16, that she wanted to lose weight, Emily said she was keen to give it a go too.

‘She’d ballooned to 130 kilos,’ explained Kathryn. ‘I felt so guilty that my influence had made her overweight too.’

Kathryn and Emily before they lost weight.

Not able to use her own scales, Kathryn went to WeightWatchers  and was shocked to see she weighed in at 167 kilos.

Giving up her favourite foods of white bread sandwiches thick with butter and vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate, instead Kathryn made healthy chicken wraps and replaced dessert with a brisk walk around the block with Emily.

‘At first it took me an hour to cover a kilometre, but Emily kept me going,’ said Kathryn.

Their incredible effort paid off and Emily, now 22, lost 54 kilos and weighs in at 76 kilos, while Kathryn is a slim 75 kilos.

Kathryn and Emily now – together they’ve lost 146 kilos!

‘Together we lost 146 kilos,’ said Kathryn. ‘I wear a size 8-10 and have the flattest tummy.’

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