‘Absolute parcel of sh*t’ – is this the most honest car ad ever?

Wonder if he’ll sell it.
Dave Goodwin

When this dad tried to sell his 1993 Saab on Facebook he went with a completely different approach than you’d expect.

Instead of talking about how reliable and great his car his, Dave Goodwin laid it out there warts and all:

For sale, this absolute parcel of s**t.’

His review, though hilariously critical, was also oddly positive of the old car.

‘Engine and gearbox are good, runs like a smackhead with a stolen Sky box and a block of cheese under his arm.’

He admitted to concerns about the paintwork, however.

‘It looks like the previous owner washed it EVERYDAY… with a f***ing brick!’

‘Ideal cheap family car… if you can handle your wife leaving you for a crackhead on a mountain bike and your kids denying you as their father when you drop them off at school in the pile of s**t’

Shared tens of thousands of times, it’s not clear if his tactic has managed to help him shift ‘the parcel of s***’.

Though it has given us a good laugh!

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