A wedding dress blown away in a tornado returned to teary-eyed bride YEARS later


A woman whose newlywed bliss was interrupted by a disastrous tornado has been reunited with her wedding dress after it blew away in 2013 along with her house in Washington, Illinois.

When the tornado warnings came through Tiffany Paluska and her husband Scott huddled in their basement with their two dogs and pet bird while the twister tore through their town.

When they emerged, their entire house was destroyed, and Tiffany assumed her dress had been torn apart and blown away in the gale.

Then, four years later, she was reading the paper and came across an article about a wedding dress – the owner of which was still a mystery.

A neighbour, Karlie Diveley, lived a few doors down had found the dress caught in a tree and had spent years trying to locate the owner.

She’d had no success so she contacted Phil Luciano, journalist for the Journal Star, who wrote the article about the mystery dress.

It was reading the paper that Tiffany’s jaw hit the floor. She saw the dress and recognised it immediately.

Getting in touch with the bridal store Karlie had taken the dress to, the bride was finally reunited with her wedding dress.

Karlie is just as delighted to have found the owner of the dress as Tiffany is to get it back:

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