A man took a spirit level on a plane to prove the Earth was flat

A man convinced that the Earth is FLAT tries to prove a point in-flight.
YouTube / D Marble

A conspiracy theorist who attempted to prove the Earth is flat using a spirit level on an airplane has gone viral – but not for the reason he had hoped.

YouTube video creator, D Marble, uploaded a video saying he was going to ‘prove’ that the Earth was flat by taking a spirit level on a flight across the U.S.A.

His theory? That if the Earth is round, the pilots would have to steer the nose of the plane downward, which he would be able to measure on his spirit level. He filmed the level and claimed that because the plane remained level the whole flight the Earth must be flat.

While he  clearly thinks he has hard proof that the Earth is flat, the general public proved harder to convince:

Check it out for yourself:

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