‘I cleaned my room and found $90,000’

This is incredible!
Lottery Post

Usually when teens are forced to clean their rooms all they find are dirty dishes and stinky socks, but Ryan Kitchings struck it rich!

After mum Susan’s constant nagging, the 19-year-old set to work tidying his room.

In the process, he unearthed 12 old lottery tickets. About to throw them away, a voice in his head stopped him.

As he worked at a supermarket, he gave the tickets to a colleague to check for him.

lottery ticks
Ryan’s winning tickets (Credit: Lottery Post)

‘When he put the winner through the machine it said it couldn’t pay out because it was a high prize,’ Ryan said.

In fact, it was over $90,000!

‘I am totally speechless,’ Ryan said after his win.

‘My mum had been nagging me for weeks!’

mum and son
Susan and lucky Ryan (Credit: Lottery Post)

One thing Ryan knew for sure, the girlfriend who had recently dumped him would be having second thoughts.

‘She’ll be sad she finished with me now!’ he joked.

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