Snake shocks teen on the toilet!

One teen had an unsss-uspecting visitor
CQ News/ Luke Huntley

One teenage boy had the fright of his life while recently on the loo.

According to CQ News, the young bloke was casually sitting on the loo when a 6ft python wrapped around his legs!

Noosa’s snake catcher Luke Huntley was called out late at night to rescue the slithery reptile.

Uploading a video he explained: “The boy said he sat down on the toilet, and this cold thing wrapped around his leg,

“He managed to shake it off luckily and I was called out.”

Luke added, “The snake was just looking for food and water. He knew he was cornered and felt like he had to defend himself.”

Fortunately the teen had a narrow escape and managed to avoid getting bitten, as the snake catcher revealed:

“Luckily the boy didn’t get bitten. I’ve been bitten by one of these before and it absolutely canes. When they latch on it can cause all sorts of trouble.”

No doubt he’ll be extra careful next time he’s on the lav!

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