310kg mum forced to shower outside under hose loses 76 kilos in 6 months

She knew it had to stop.

A mother-of-two who weighed in at over 300kg commits to busting her ‘food addiction’ for good and loses 70kg in just 6 months.

Nicole Lewis’s story has resonated round the world after being features on TV series My 600lg Life. At only 23, this mum’s weight at peaked at 310kg.

Unable to walk, Nicole was upset that she couldn’t keep up with her toddlers, Jayden and Shelby. She had to shower outside, being hosed down by her boyfriend, Charlie.

The problem was that when Nicole was upset she sought comfort in food, so as she put on more weight and was increasingly upset she would eat more.

‘Food was a comfort to me because when I would eat something and get full, I would feel comfortable and safe. I felt secure. And so I just didn’t stop eating,’ she explains on the show.

Buying and bingeing on unhealthy food was part of Nicole’s love life.

On top of that, grocery shopping and binging on junk food was how she and Charlie enjoyed their rare time alone together.

‘Charlie loves food too, and grocery shopping is the only time we get to do something together.

‘It’s kind of romantic in a way, but after we shop I can’t wait to get home and eat.’

Deciding the make a change, Nicola looked into options for surgery. But her doctor told her she had to drop 25 kg before she would be eligible.

Buckling down, and with the support of her parents and boyfriend, Nicola lost 76 kg and is now a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery which she hopes will finally give her the mobility to keep up with her kids.

Nicole is already more mobile and looks forward to being able to play with her kids.

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