Horror as 30 rats filmed in popular Aussie food court


Regulars at this popular Aussie food court have been shocked and disgusted to discover the place is overrun by rats after a video was shared on Reddit this week. 

The video was filmed in the Galeries Victoria food court, near Town Hall station in Sydney, and shows the rodents running along walls and over counters near the Mero Mero food stall. 

‘It was quite bad – only captured a few on video, but there were probably at least 30 visibly running around in there…’ CameronSmith93 wrote in the comments. 

Rat infestation sydney

A spokesperson for the City of Sydney told Daily Mail that the colder weather, and nearby construction work, could increase the visibility of the rats in the area:

‘An unprecedented number of major demolition and construction works – including the Sydney Light Rail, Barangaroo, and developments on Martin Place and George Street – have been occurring throughout the CBD, stirring up rat populations and leading to increased rat movements.’

While some people were disgusted and swore to never eat there again, others recognised that it’s a pretty common problem: 

Rats in sydney
Westfield rats

One person even managed to see the silver lining:

Ratatouille rat infestation

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