111-year-old Aussie woman thanks LOLLIES for her long life

She's one of the oldest people in the world.

Peg Vivian, 111, Doubleview, WA

Peering down from the huge ship, I saw my mum and dad waving at me.

They’d left Scotland two years earlier to set up a new life in Australia. I’d stayed in Glasgow with my aunt, and at 10 years old, was reunited with them. That was 101 years ago!

We took a horse and cart to our new home in Perth – just one single room.

At 15, in 1921, I got my first job, sewing upholstery for cars for 12 shillings a week. 

Six years later, I married my true love, a plumber called Jack, who I met on a train. We had two children, Tom, now 80, and Peggy, now 85.

The world has changed a lot. I remember how thrilled we were when we got our first telephone, in the 1940s. 

This week I celebrate my 111th birthday, but I feel decades younger. I’m in good health and live with Peggy.

I never imagined I’d live so long – my mum died at 64.

‘What’s your secret?’ people often ask.

I never get stressed, I don’t drink, and I eat pretty well – though I do have a weakness for lollies. In fact, I eat about 20 chocolate caramel chews a day!

They can’t be bad for me,  I think. I’m 111!

When I was younger I loved yoga, and even took up aqua aerobics in my 90s.

Peggy moved in nine years ago. We get on marvellously, but I still can’t believe I have an 85-year-old daughter – I must be getting old!

When Jack died from emphysema in 1981, I was broken hearted. Eventually, I pulled myself together and went on a cruise. I made new friends, and enrolled in courses to study.

With seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, I have a lot to live for.

I’m now officially WA’s oldest person. Perhaps it’s down to my sweet tooth!

As told to Jacqui Lang

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